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  • BIO 262: Cultural & Economic Botany
    The Spring 2021 semester has an exciting course listing for the Biology Department. Dr. Richard Niesenbaum will be offering BIO 262: Cultural & Economic Botany, a List A course for the Biology major.  Read more
  • New Introductory Biology Courses-Fall 2020
    Tur Biology Department is excited to launch its new series of Introductory Biology courses this Fall 2020! The series starts with the new course BIO 160: Foundations of Biology Inquiry, a studio course that engages students with hands-on explorations of topics essential to understanding the basics of scientific inquiry in general, and biological diversity, evolution, and ecology Read more
  • Welcome Lecturer Jen Richardson
    Meet Jennifer Richardson! Jennnifer will be teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology and Biology of Movement. Read more
  • We say goodbye and thank you to Dr. Mary Byrne
    After 23 years with our Biology Department, Muhlenberg College says goodbye to Dr. Mary Byrne! We will miss you! Read more
  • Exploring & Connecting to the World
    This fall, we would like to shine a spotlight on one of Muhlenberg Biology’s seniors. The senior spotlight is with Elizabeth “Liddy” Long, Class of 2021! Read more
  • Congratulations to Dr. Dan Klem
    We would like to congratulate Dr. Daniel Klem, Ph.D., professor, for being elected a Fellow of the American Ornithological Society.  Read more
  • Dr. Giancarlo Cuadra
    Dr. Giancarlo Cuadra has been awarded the Rising Scholar program for the Spring of 2022. If that was not enough to warrant a celebration, he got the fantastic news that he has a paper accepted in Frontiers in Physiology. Congratulations Dr. Cuadra!  
  • Dr. Wightman and Annu Suresh ('19) 
    Dr. Wightman and Annu Suresh (Berg alum '19) have published their research with micro Publication Biology. The research article, The daf-2 insulin receptor functions in C. elegans embryo elongation can be found here: 
    Read more
  • Course Spotlight: Bio 412
    TNext semester, Dr. Bruce Wightman is offering BIO 412: Molecular Biology of Cancer, a CUE for the biology major.  Read more
  • Senior Spotlight: Jill Lissner
    Biology major Jill Lissner ‘21 has been doing research with Dr. Meier since summer 2019 where she studies three different populations of deer mice and their climbing behaviors.  Read more
  • Alumni Spotlight: 
    Meet one of Muhlenberg Biology’s alumni, Dr. Emily Herstoff ‘08.  Read more
  • The Acopian Center for Ornithology
    How well do you know the birds that visit your backyard? 🐦. Peter Saengar from the Acopian Center for Ornithology will tell you. Read more
  • Dr. Richard Niesenbaum (Biology and Sustainability Studies)
    Richard Niesenbum (Biology) and a photographer Joseph Elliott  (Art) resulted in the compelling documentary book, In Exchange for Gold: The Legacy and Sustainability of Artisanal Gold Mining in Las Juntas de Abangares, Costa Rica.  The book connects the human experience and ecology. This book collaboration became the 2020 winner of the Common Ground Research Publishers Prize. 

    Dr. Niesenbaum has also published the book, Sustainable Solutions: Problem Solving for Current and Future Generations with Oxford University Press. He also served as Associate Editor for the Journal Sustainability. 



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