The Asian Studies Program at Muhlenberg College offers students the opportunity for multi-disciplinary study of South and East Asia, integrating the perspectives of fields across the humanities, social sciences and fine arts. Asian countries and cultures play an increasingly influential role both in international affairs and in our own local communities. Through coursework and independent study at Muhlenberg, as well as through direct and active engagement with people and ideas from these regions via co-curricular activities and study abroad experiences, students gain a more nuanced understanding of the contributions of Asian cultures.

The Asian Studies minor can help to inform professional endeavors in Asia or with Asian communities in fields such as finance, clinical work, business and education. The Program empowers all its students to develop a deeper knowledge about Asia and to participate in the widening circles of global dialogue on issues of import to us all—intercultural and interfaith interaction, bilingualism, ethnic diversity, world social media, immigration, international resource management, climate change solutions, bioethics and building civil society.

Of Life and Death

alumni perspective

A course on Tibetan Buddhism gave Monica Arora ’15 a new perspective on humanity in medicine. Religion studies alumni Jeremy Fuchs ’14 discusses its impact on her career.