Matthew Williams

Visiting Lecturer, Art
Baker Center for the Arts

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  • M.F.A., University of Iowa
  • M.A., University of Iowa
  • B.F.A., University of Oregon


Teaching Interests

Photography interests me first and foremost because it doesn't have a right answer. It takes reworking a situation until you can get it to say all that it can. For students, image making becomes a way for them to grow and find their own voice. I enjoy showing them how to understand the power of the photograph as well as how that power has been used to make change all throughout history. This allows them to think about how they will use the potential of the image in their own lives as well as understanding how others may use its ability to convince them to think a certain way.

The camera has been a constantly evolving technology since its invention but now, more than ever, we are seeing it go through some major transformations as it has become more and more accessible. With the speed digital media can be shared and the ease an image can be created, it truly is a fascinating time to be teaching photography.

Research, Scholarship or Creative/Artistic Interests

My work explores how we manufacture significance to our existence and the different ways we attempt to attribute value to it. The projects I create ask questions like:

What is our imminent future if we continue down our technological path towards a more digitized world? 
How do you define meaning to your life?
What has happened to the idea of the myth and the miracle in our modern age?

 Courses Taught Include:

  • Advanced Photography
  • Interm Digital Photography
  • Intro to Digital Photography
  • Digital Foundations