Center for Ethics

Center for Ethics


A Spectrum of BioethicalConcerns for Physicians, Joseph Vincent, M.D.
19 February • 7:00pm• Lithgow Science Auditorium, Trumbower Hall
Dr. Vincent practices pulmonary medicine, serving on the staff of the Lehigh Valley Hospital and the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital. An award-winning teacher in the department of medicine, Dr. Vincent is specially trained in bioethics and writes and lectures on this topic. He will lead an interactive discussion of the ethical issues facing physicians as they fulfill their professional duties.

Professionalism and Ethics in Science, Jeffrey Kovac, Ph.D.
18 March • 7:00pm Hoffman House
Dr. Kovac is professor of chemistry and director of undergraduate studies at the University of Tennessee, where he is a fellow of the center for Applied and Professional Ethics in the department of philosophy. He is the author of more than 70 publications, including “The Ethical Chemist” and “Scientific Ethics for High School Students.” In this presentation, Dr. Kovac will look at science as a profession and describe the moral ideal, the internal and external bargains and the code of ethics that derives from them.

Ethics and Whistleblowing, Brian Martin, Ph.D.
25 March • 7:00pm Seegers Union 109-110
Dr. Martin is associate professor of science, technology & society at the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, where he has taught since 1986. Previously, he spent ten years working at the Australian National University as an applied mathematician. From 1996-99, Dr. Martin served as president of Whistleblowers Australia (WBA), and is now on the WBA national committee as international director.

Ethics and Information Technology, Don Gotterbarn, Ph.D.
2 April • 7:00pm Hoffman House
Dr. Gotterbarn is director of the Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute at East Tennessee State University, where he teaches computer ethics, software engineering and software project management. He is also a visiting professor in England at the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility. Dr. Gotterbarn lectures internationally on the impacts of software engineering and related technologies on society, and he is chair of the ACM Committee on Professional Ethics.