Theory of Connectivity...


It’s move-in day at Muhlenberg.

You’ll find move-in day is a trouble-free, all-hands-on deck affair. In one smooth process, upperclassmen and staff help parents, sisters and brothers carry belongings from the family car up to the freshman rooms. Our alumni volunteers are on hand with coffee, juice and muffins to ensure no mouth goes hungry.

Dr. Carol Shiner Wilson, Dean of the College for Academic Life, knows the whole community chips in. “We help as a spirit of generosity,” says Wilson. “We help as a welcome to our community.”

Before noon, everyone is moved in and ready for Orientation programming and lunch to begin. But Orientation isn’t a weekend or even a weeklong process at Muhlenberg; we spend an entire year making sure you’re ready and up for the challenge.

Student advisors help plan social events, like trips to the Allentown Fair, arrange community service projects and host holiday parties, to help you get used to being a member of our community.

First-Year seminars will help get you in shape academically; your seminar professor, who in most cases also serves as your advisor, will challenge you to think, read and write critically, while learning about fascinating topics with amazing people.

When you look back, no doubt you’ll consider Move-In Day a part of your Muhlenberg welcome; it’s the beginning of an exciting four-year adventure.

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