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Muhlenberg Broadcasting Community

Muhlenberg Broadcasting Community: it's more than just a television station. The channel serves as a media hub encompassing a variety of disciplines on campus.

Until recently, Muhlenberg Broadcasting Community (MBC) was known as Muhlenberg College Television (MCTV). With a fresh rebranding, however, Anthony Dalton, digital cultures media assistant, has worked with the Media & Communication department to expand outside of the classroom and dispel the notion that the station is only for news and syndicated programming.

In addition to a weekly news segment and student projects, MBC has seen a growing percentage of content requested by outside academic departments. One of the main goals for MBC includes serving the needs of the greater campus community, not just by cataloguing and archiving events, but by creating new original programming as well.

The strength of MBC is based around student activity and direction. Students are involved in every level of production, management, finance and all other aspects of the channel’s operation. They are given a great amount of responsibility to manage the network, but with the benefit of added freedom.

Because the station operates on a closed-circuit network on campus, students remain free to publish a full range of topics, language and programming. Content is not censored in any fashion. The result is a diverse breadth of original documentaries, research projects and student films.

"We're watching students develop something that they can be proud of," says Dalton. “We try to let them know, 'This is yours! Do something with it.'"

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