Students and Faculty

Talk to graduates or students about Muhlenberg, and the first thing they mention is the people: the warm welcome they received when they first set foot on campus, the small classes where faculty members knew them by name, the lifelong friendships they forged with classmates. This care and concern for the people of Muhlenberg is a fundamental and enduring value.

One of the key ways Muhlenberg, or any college, invests in its people is through its endowment. A healthy endowment is like a perpetual savings account that annually generates interest income for student scholarships, faculty salaries and professional development, innovative academic programs, campus improvements and other initiatives.

This is Muhlenberg’s challenge. Our endowment-per-student ratio is comparatively low – $37,074 per student versus an average of $100,484 at 12 benchmark institutions with which we compete. What does this mean? It means we have fewer financial resources to buffer us from demographic and economic volatility and less flexibility to respond creatively to opportunities as they arise.

Increasing our endowment is the first and highest priority of The Campaign for Muhlenberg College. A more robust endowment will allow us to invest more proactively in the people entrusted to our care: students and faculty.