Faculty Support

Raised to Date: $7,380,602
Goal: $5 Million

Passionate teaching has long been a Muhlenberg hallmark. In the classroom, faculty members engage students in active learning. Outside class, professors and students interact to a degree that is extraordinary even for a small, liberal arts college. Faculty members regularly give out their home phone numbers, meet with students over a meal and attend student performances and athletic events.

While this dedication makes our faculty among the best in the nation, Muhlenberg faculty salaries average $11,000 less than our nearest competitors. To continue to attract and retain the best teacher-scholars, we must change this dynamic and offer competitive compensation packages. To that end, we seek funds for named faculty positions such as endowed chairs. Endowed positions, the highest honor a college can bestow on a faculty member, can help retain veteran talent and recruit world-class faculty members to our academic community. And because endowed faculty positions provide salary and sometimes research stipends, they free operating funds for other critical needs.

The Talents Entrusted to Our Care: The Campaign for Muhlenberg College will also help increase funds for faculty professional development, allowing faculty members to deepen their knowledge in their subject area, present research findings and pursue innovative scholarship – ultimately for the benefit of our students.

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