What matters most in life?

At Muhlenberg College, we believe it is stewarding the gifts we have – the talents of students, faculty and alumni – and investing them so they return a hundred-fold, benefiting the individual, the community and society as a whole.

Ultimately, this is the goal of The Talents Entrusted to Our Care: The Campaign for Muhlenberg College. By allowing us to invest in students and faculty, facilities and programs, the campaign will move the College further along its important path – not only to greater prominence but also to continued relevance. We are increasing humanity’s knowledge and shaping the people who will make an immeasurable difference no matter where their lives take them.

The mission of Muhlenberg is timeless. It rings as true today as in 1904, when the College moved to Chew Street from downtown Allentown. Looking at where Muhlenberg had been and where it was going, Dr. Theodore Seip, Muhlenberg’s third president (1886–1903), reflected: “thus the past, with all its traditions so dear to the old college student, will be linked with the future with all its hopes and possibilities of development.”

We ask alumni, parents and friends to join us as we, too, link our past to our very bright future, reinforcing what Muhlenberg always has been and crafting an exceptional college, an exceptional experience, for tomorrow’s students.