Muhlenberg College has its own campus wide television station, distributed by cable to all of the residence halls, wired offices, and campus facilities.

MCTV (Channel 21) is a student run organization dedicated to bringing informative and entertaining programming to the Muhlenberg campus. MCTV has a rich history, programming a wide variety of shows including: cooking specials, comedy features, news reporting, interview formats, holiday celebrations, animation, dramatic narrative, and short documentary. The club also covers various events around campus such as Mr. Muhlenberg and the Henry Awards. MCTV tries to keep up with current campus activities and also occasionally puts panels together to discuss current world events.

MCTV is always open to anyone who has a television idea or a film that they would like broadcast. You too can get involved. Let your ideas be heard and showcase your talents. We want to help you bring your idea to life. No prior experience is necessary. Email the MCTV staff by going to the "Contact" page and clicking the Email link.