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For some students, this is a great way to earn a needed degree while they work toward a bachelor's degree. For others, an associate's degree provides the focused, two-year experience necessary to succeed. No matter what your plans, our academic advisors are always there to help you chart your course of study.

The Associate of Arts Degree requires the completion of 12 courses as General Academic Requirements and 5 courses in a concentration: Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Science, or Psychology.

General Academic Requirements (12 courses)

I.  Skills
      A.  First Year Seminar (FY)
      B.  Reasoning (RG)

II. Distribution
      A.  Arts Distribution (AR)
      B.  Humanities Distribution - 2 courses (HU)
      C.  Social Science Distribution - 2 courses (SL)
      D.  Science Distribution - 2 courses (SC)

III. Integrative Elements
      A.  Cluster Courses - 2 courses with different prefixes (CL)
      B.  Human Differences & Global Engagement - 1 course (DE)


One of Four Possible Concentrations (5 courses)


13.  ECN 101 Macroeconomics                                                            14.  ECN 102 Microeconomics                                                                 15.  ACT 101 Financial Accounting                                                       16.  ACT 201 Accounting Information Systems                                   17.  ACT 224 Cost/Managerial Accounting

  Choose MTH 104 Statistical Methods as "G" for GAR.

Business Administration

13.  ECN 101 Macroeconomics                                                           14.  ECN 102 Microeconomics                                                             15.  ACT 101 Financial Accounting                                                      16.  BUS 236 Management                                                                   17.  BUS 239 Marketing

Choose MTH 104 Statistical Methods as "G" for GAR.

Computer Science

13.  CSI 102 Computer Science I:  Introduction to Game Programming                                                                                             or    CSI 104 Computer Science I:  Introduction to Robotics                or    CSI 106 Computer Science I:  Introduction to Multimedia Computing                                                                                               14.  CSI 111 Computer Science II                                                        15.  CSI 220 Data Structures & Algorithms                                         16.  Approved CS Elective                                                                    17.  Approved CS Elective

Choose MTH 121 Calculus I as "G" for GAR.


13.  PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology                                               14.  PSY 103 Psychological Statistics (prerequisite of MTH 104)      15.  PSY 104 Research Methods in Psychology                                 16.  PSY elective (chosen from "Fundamental Processes")              17.  PSY elective (chosen from "Social & Personality")

Choose MTH 104 Statistical Methods as "G" for GAR.

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