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Alumnus James R. Lentz and Wife Debra Pledge $1 Million for Endowed Scholarship in Theatre and Dance

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – (March 20, 2012) – James R. Lentz ’66 and his wife Deb, of Columbia, S.C., have pledged $1,000,000 to create The James R. Lentz ’66 and Debra A. Lentz Scholarship in Theatre and Dance at Muhlenberg College.  The gift will fund an endowed scholarship to provide need-based financial aid to qualified students.

“We are delighted to help expand scholarship opportunities at Muhlenberg College, to provide support to students in the theatre and dance program and to set a leadership example for other alumni, parents and friends," say the Lentzes. They are long time supporters of Muhlenberg's theatre and dance program, especially the Summer Music Theatre.  They also previously named a space in the new Rehearsal House.  The second floor lobby bears their name.  Princeton Review recently named Muhlenberg’s theatre program number one in the nation.

Jim and Deb personify the values of leadership and service.Working together, they have built a company that is preeminent in its sector - a company that plays a key role in getting each and every one of us a reliable supply of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. But they also realize that building a business is just part of a well-lived life - nurturing the next generation for similar opportunities is equally important, says Muhlenberg College President Randy Helm.  Both privately and now, in a more public way at Muhlenberg, Jim and Deb have invested in talented young men and women who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals, but who need a little help along the way.  The Lentz Scholarship is a magnificent addition to Muhlenberg's endowment, and will sustain generations of students pursuing their passion for theatre and dance at the country's number one undergraduate program.”

The Lentzes both work at Thermal Technologies, Inc. in Blythewood, S.C.  Jim is the President,  and Deb is the Secretary and Corporate Administrator.  For more information on Thermal Technologies, visit