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Muhlenberg College dedicated the new PPL Green Roof in Seegers Union on April 26, 2012. Made possible through a generous gift from PPL, an industry leader in conservation, the Green Roof advances the College’s commitment to sustainability by reducing Muhlenberg’s environmental impact in three key ways:

The plant material takes up carbon dioxide thereby reducing Muhlenberg’s net emissions and thus the College’s impact on global climate change. 

The plants also absorb moisture, practically eliminating Seegers Union’s contribution to storm water run-off into local streams. 

The green roof also provides enhanced insulation, keeping Seegers cool through evaporation and insulation in the summer, and warm through insulation in the winter.

The event was attended by PPL’s Director of Community Affairs, Don Bernhard, and Senior Director of Environmental Management, Tinku Khanwalkar.. Don Bernhard expressed pride in PPL’s own green roof, located on Hamilton Street in Allentown, which served as a model for the one located on Seegers. 

Muhlenberg President Randy Helm, faculty, staff and students of the College were also present.  President Helm talked about the measures that have been taken to create a sustainable institution.  Rich Niesenbaum, Director of Sustainability Studies, described the installation and plans for the next phase of the project, including an ongoing scientific monitoring program developed by students so the roof will continue to be a teaching tool on campus and in the community.  Amanda Meier ’13, president of Muhlenberg’s Environmental Action Group, concluded the program by discussing the daunting task of helping the environment and how the Green Roof provides a practical way for students to get involved and make a positive impact.

“The Muhlenberg community is grateful for this exciting partnership with PPL,” says Bill McGlinn, Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations at Muhlenberg.  “The opportunity to make an environmental difference with the academic component that the PPL Green Roof offers has been a wonderful addition to campus.”




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