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What is Housing Services?

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A message from Senior Associate Director Aaron Bova

Housing Services is the division of the Office of Residential Services that handles all housing processes, specifically those involving the campus-wide housing lottery, the MILE lottery, group interest housing, special needs housing, and the off-campus process for juniors and seniors. In this portion of the website, information is provided that can answer most, if not all, of your general questions about housing assignments and facilities or residence halls. Additionally, each of the unique on-campus living options is explained in detail to give you the best view of where you could live while here at Muhlenberg. The requirements for over-break housing, and the application to apply to stay over a break will also be available on our website. Lastly, information about each of the ammenities offered to our students is accessible by clicking on the links to your right. We hope you have a pleasant experience living with us here at Muhlenberg College