Multicultural Life

Soul Sound Steppers


Student Contact: TBA
Faculty Advisor: Robin Riley-Casey

The Soul Sounds Steppers is a step team on campus that was created in the fall of 2001 by students who wanted to bring a completely different sound to Muhlenberg's campus; a sound that was geared towards uniting multicultural students.  The reason for this is because we felt that there were no performing groups on campus that represented multicultural life.  Therefore the Soul Sounds Steppers  was created to help build relationships among diverse groups.  By bringing together people of different races, class years, and social backgrounds we are enabling our group to break down social barriers, stigmas, and stereotypes.

Our group is open to everyone, we do not exclude people based on lack of ability nor do we hold auditions. We do not turn anyone away because we feel that our organization should provide a cultural experience to everyone.  Step is an uplifting form of art that has not been experienced by most students at Muhlenberg College; it is a type of movement that merges rhythmic sounds with rhythmic beats by using the body as percussion.  So it is our duty to open up our group and share this unique cultural art form with the rest of the campus.

In 2004, we won the Henry Award and the President's Award.  Our community service includes,

  • Casa Guadalupe community service: Kids from Casa came to Muhlenberg and we conducted "step workshops' for them.  Then we had dinner with the kids afternoon.
  • Sheridan Middle School: The Steppers commute to Sheridan Middle School every Thursday, for an hour and a half, to teach children ranging from the ages of 6-13 some of our best steps.  We also help girls realize the importance of respect, love, and "girl power".

To get involved, contact:
Robin Riley-Casey