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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are flu-like symptoms?
A:  Fever, body aches, cough, runny nose and sore throat are the recognized flu-like symptoms.   (Please note:  Seasonal allergy sufferers may exhibit some of these same symptoms without having a flu-like illness.)

Q: If I am out of work for longer than three days with flu-like symptoms, am I required to provide health care provider certification?
A: Unless you are advised otherwise by your supervisor, you will not be required to provide a doctor’s certification if your absence is a result of flu-like symptoms.

Q: If I am healthy, should I come to work?
A: Yes. The College will be open for business, unless announced otherwise.

Q: What happens if I run out of sick time because of having the flu?
A: Employees in non-exempt positions who have exhausted all accumulated sick time will be permitted to use future sick and vacation hours prior to accrual.  (If you prefer NOT to use future accumulations, you may take the time as unpaid leave instead.)  
Exempt employees (faculty and managers) will have any absences extending beyond 5 consecutive days covered by the terms of the short-term disability payment plan.

Q: What if I am caring for ill family members and exhaust my annual vacation time (exempt managers) or personal time (non-exempt employees)?
A:  Non-exempt employees will be permitted to use as many personal days as necessary, rather than being limited to 3 days,  to care for a family member suffering from the flu.  Personal time is deducted from an employee's sick leave accumulation.  In the event sick time is exhausted, please refer to the previous answer for a description of how future sick accumulation may be used if desired.
Managers may apply for an unpaid Family Medical Leave if they have exhausted their annual vacation time caring for a family member who is ill with the flu.   

A faculty member needing extended time to care for an ill family member should discuss his/her situation with the Department Chair or Provost and Human Resources to determine if a Family Medical Leave is appropriate.

Q: I am showing some flu symptoms, but I feel well enough to work. Should I come to work?
A: The first step is to check with your health care provider.  He or she will provide guidance on whether you should stay home.

Q: How much time should a person spend away from others if they have flu-like symptoms?
A: The CDC recommends that people with influenza-like illness remain at home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100°F [37.8°C]), or signs of a fever without the use of fever-reducing medications.


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