Community Service & Civic Engagement


What Students Are Saying

Community Times: A bi-annual newsletter published by Community Timesthe Office of Community Engagement highlights student authors and editors.  The Newsletter offers a forum for students, faculty, staff and community partners alike to comment on their experiences working with one another.  To read more, simply click the image.


When speaking about the Civic Fellows program, one student states, "I think through this program I’ve learned not only to be more aware of other viewpoints, but to actively understand and consider different perspectives and interpretations of a given situation when forming my personal opinion."

"We can always count on the children at The Caring Place to be smiling and making jokes. They help brighten our day with their infectious excitement from the time we walk in to the time we leave. Although we only go to The Caring Place once a week, it has given us new friends in the Allentown community and on Muhlenberg’s campus."

"Working at Central Food Bank has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me during my time here at Muhlenberg."

"Every week that I go to Casa, I always find myself learning something new.  Sometimes it's something small like what a particular student thinks about Miley Cyrus' new movie and sometimes it's something bigger like learning what the middle school students what to be when they grow up."

A recent Summer Service Fellows participant states: "Not only have I gained various skills that will help me in the workplace, but I have become much more acquainted with the Lehigh Valley. I can't wait to become more involved in the community and share what I've learned as a result of this experience!"