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Art Day at Muhlenberg

Muhlenberg men's and women's basketball team "Dream to Read" at Jefferson Elementary School.

The Muhlenberg basketball teams visited youngsters at Jefferson Elementary School in downtown Allentown for an hour of reading, crafts and friend-making. View the Muhlenberg Athletics' Facebook album for photos of the fun day. Photos by Sports Information Director Mike Falk.

The event was also covered by Allentown's Morning Call.

2013 Awards – Recognizing Excellence in Partnership
The Office of Community Engagement, Muhlenberg College

Stefan Goslawski
Community Bike Works

Stefan Goslawski has been connected to Muhlenberg since he attended the school. It makes sense, therefore, that he would look to partner with the College when he started Community Bike Works in 1994. Since then, Stefan and his staff have worked with Muhlenberg in myriad ways. They have supported student interns, Summer Service Fellows, volunteers, Civic Fellows and AmeriCorps Scholars in Service to Pennsylvania. They have trained students to lead Earn-a-Bike classes, hired students (and alumni) to work in the program, allowed for student Board Members and partnered with faculty teaching service-learning classes. Throughout all of these activities, they have remained open to creative ideas to partner and provide resources for the College and local communities. We appreciate Stefan’s ability to think outside of the box and creatively explore different ways to enhance our partnership. As Stefan completes his tenure as Executive Director at Community Bike Works, we want to recognize his commitment to partnership, his contributions to local Allentown communities and his desire to remain involved.

Shelley Oliver
Theatre & Dance Department
Muhlenberg College

Shelley Oliver- Since 1996, Muhlenberg’s Jazz Tap Ensemble has performed in different places within Allentown’s communities. From elder care facilities to elementary schools, the performers have wowed audiences and been invited back on many occasions. The ensemble provides access to the arts for people who may not otherwise be able to see performers. For elders who might be unable to travel to performances and a school district being forced to cut arts funding across the board, groups like the Tap Ensemble become even more important. For the past several years, Shelley has worked hard to engage the Muhlenberg students in a contextual understanding of the places in which they are performing. The students learn about the schools and the facilities and are able to put their performances into perspective. We so appreciate Shelley, her students and their hard work touring throughout local communities over the past 18 years!

Teresa VanDenend Sorge
Theatre & Dance Department
Muhlenberg College

Teresa VanDenend Sorge - New on the scene, Teresa VanDenend Sorge created DanceMax prior to her arrival at Muhlenberg. The students in DanceMax write and create their own play each year based around a different theme with the goals of learning about that theme through dance. Dancing the PSSAs was the first hit in Allentown 3 years ago, and this year the play focused upon science concepts and specifically bugs! Teresa also teaches a class called “Teaching Dance” that has partnered with Cleveland Elementary for the past several years and this year also worked with Mosser Elementary. Her students led an after-school dance program for 6 weeks at the schools and crafted lessons for the kids that were relevant to their experiences. In a school district that currently has very limited arts exposure for elementary students, and whose exposure might decrease in the upcoming school year, we are so grateful for faculty like Teresa who commit to working with Allentown communities.


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Dream to Read - The Muhlenberg basketball teams travel to Jefferson Elementary School to interact with first- and second-graders as part of the "Dream to Read" program.

Alex King - Phoebe HomeTheory of Connectivity: Phoebe Home

Students find connections at the Phoebe Home. Alex King had this to say about his experience, “I’d definitely recommend that students try new ways to interact and volunteer with the community, especially if they can find activities outside of their normal comfort zone. Exposure to a new experience helped me become a better person - you might be surprised at the insight these opportunities give.”

Community Times: the Spring edition of the Office of Community Engagment's bi-annual newsletter is ready to read (click to read)! This third edition of Community Times boasts the most diverse authorship to date.  Read it from cover to cover to know what students, administrators and community parntners are saying about partnership!


Gail Eisenberg

Gail Eisenberg, lecturer in the business department, delivered the talk "Consider External and Internal Partnerships When Engaging in Service Learning," at the fall educators' conference of the Marketing Management Association in St. Louis.

The talk and the position paper were developed by Eisenberg and professor Donna Bergenstock.


MuralMuhlenberg College student volunteers and RJ Fellows spent several weekends making life more colorful for patients at the Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Unit in Bethlehem.

"When you have blank walls, it doesn't feel like you're coming into a pediatric unit," Michele Shara, a certified therapeutic recreation specialist, said Sunday while bouncing an infant on her left knee and using her right hand to play Yahtzee with a teenager at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital Pediatric Unit in Bethlehem.

That has changed thanks to Muhlenberg College students who have spent the past three Sundays adding a colorful mural of beach and sea life to the main foyer leading to pediatric area of the 11/2-year-old hospital on Schoenersville Road. The mural is being completed by students in the Allentown college's RJ Fellows Honors program that takes humanities, science, and social science majors out of the classroom and into communities to create positive change and then write about their experience in research papers.

To read the full article, please visit The Morning Call website.

Muhlenberg students from DanceMax Moving Company help elementary students learn about ways to prepare for upcoming PSSA tests through an interactive dance lesson. The Morning Call recently highlighted the program:

"The PSSA tests started this week in local schools. For the past couple of weeks, students preparing to take the tests have attended pep rallies and workshops that exhorted them to get enough sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.

But no one has spread the familiar message of test preparation more creatively than "Dancing the PSSAs!" performed by DanceMax Moving Company, made up of Muhlenberg College students."

To read the full article, please visit The Morning Call website.

Community Times

Community Times: the Office of Community Engagment's bi-annual newsletter is ready to read (click to read)! This second eddition of Community Times builds upon ongoing interactive discussions between Muhlenberg students, staff and faculty, and Allentown communities that examine how we engage with one another.



The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has acknowledged Muhlenberg College’s numerous community engagement endeavors by approving the College for its 2010 Community Engagement Classification. ‘Berg is one of 115 schools given the distinction this year, joining 196 other campuses awarded the classification in 2006 and 2008.


Summer Service FellowsThe Office of Community Service & Civic Engagement at Muhlenberg College is excited to announce the second year of the Summer Service Fellows Program*. This program matches interested students to work with community organizations in Allentown during the summer months (May-August).

Each spring the Office receives phone calls from community partners interested in student participation over the summer. However, most students need to work over the summer in order to pay for their education or related college costs during the school year. In an effort to bridge this gap in service and student involvement, the Office has procured funds to provide a monetary stipend ($2,600) and housing for students matched with participating organizations.

*A congressionally-directed grant allows us to offer the program this year. However, this does not necessarily mean that the program is endorsed by the Federal Government.


Honor RollMuhlenberg College has been nationally recognized for its commitment to community service.  The College was listed on The President's Honor Roll for Higher Education and Community Service with distinction in 2009.