Parent Pride Ads

The Muhlenberg Ciarla

Can you believe that your student is fast approaching his or her graduation? I'm sure you're overwhelmed by many emotions: happiness, nostalgia and, most of all, pride. The Ciarla would like to offer you an opportunity to simultaneously express those feelings and honor your student by placing a Parent Pride ad in this year's book. These ads are a great way to congratulate your senior and wish him or her luck in future endeavors. These ads can include poems, artwork, a message from the family and/or pictures of the student.

*Please note that all seniors will receive a complimentary copy of the yearbook, which comes out the fall after their graduation. If you wish to purchase additional copies, please visit the "Ordering/Delivery Information" page.*

How to Submit an Ad
If you are interested in placing an ad, please fill out the order form and return it to the specified address. In an effort to streamline the organization of advertisements, the Ciarla will only be accepting content in a digital format. Hard copies of photos will not be accepted.

Please e-mail all text and photos to be included in the ad to with the subject heading "(Student Name) Parent Pride Ad". Be sure that image files meet the Digital Image Specifications listed below.

To guarantee that your ad appears in the 2012 Ciarla, please ensure that your submission (including both content and order form) is received by May 3, 2012. Ads are offered at a reduced price if they are postmarked before March 3, 2012 (both content and order form must be received at this date). Submissions received after the final May deadline cannot be accepted. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Size Specifications
Ads are available in four sizes and can include poems, artwork, a message from the family and/or pictures of the student.

Digital Image Specifications
To ensure a high quality print of the final ad, we ask that you submit photos with a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch). Photos taken on a digital camera, or high-quality scans of physical photographs usually have this resolution. Photos downloaded from or other photo sharing sites are compressed for the web (72dpi), and are of too low of a resolution for the final print book. These photos will appear pixilated if they are enlarged to 300dpi for print. Therefore, we ask that you send the original photo files, not a copy downloaded from a web source.