Strength and Conditioning

‌The Strength and Conditioning department at Muhlenberg College is to provide a comprehensive, sport specific strength and conditioning program that gives our student-athletes the opportunity to achieve their full athletic potential while minimizing the risk of injury. The strength-training program is based primarily on developing power and speed through the use of the Olympic lifts and supplementary lifts.



Mule Weightroom

Lifting Equipment

8 UCS Double-Sided Platform Racks

4 Lat Pull Down Machines

8 Sets of Karsiburg Bummer Plates

6 Utility Benches

4-Way Neck

6 Power Lift Glute and Ham Machines

2 Vertimaxes

8 Sets of SPS Plyo Boxes 

Variety of Hammer Machines

12 Sets of Lifting Chains and Bands

8 Adjustable Benches

3 Power Lift Reverse Hyper Machines

3 Seated Row Machines

4 Paramont Functional Traniers

Speed Equipment

Power Schutes

Plyo Hurdles

Overspeed Bands

Speed Ladders

Power Belts

Overspeed Bungee Cords

Power Slide

Sidewinder Bands


1 Power Plate

Foam Rollers

10 Air EX Balance Pads

 Medicine Balls (10-30 lbs.)


Variety of Grip Training Equipment