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Men's Basketball International Trips

The team has taken many special trips to various countries over the summer during the past 20 years. The Mules' last excursion was to Ireland in 2009. The squad has also visited Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and the British Isles. The trips are funded in part by proceeds from the annual Scotty Wood Tournament, which kicks off the season in November.

San Juan 2012
Puerto Rico

Instead of taking a summer trip in 2012, the Mules flew to Puerto Rico for an in-season trip in December. After playing games against Albright and Goucher, the team toured historic Old San Juan.

Ireland 2009
In the summer of 2009, the men’s basketball team toured around Ireland, taking in the country’s rich cultural history and playing games against local club teams.

Arrived in Dublin and traveled all the way to Belfast, visiting the famous Blarney Stone and learning about the country’s long struggle for independence. It also gave the players and new coaching staff an opportunity to get to know one another and begin to gel.

ireland The team got to see several murals depicting the struggle between the IRA and the United Kingdom.

ireland One of the many castles the team visited in Ireland.

italy Italy/Switzerland 2006
The Muhlenberg men's basketball team was in ruins over the summer of 2006. The Mules visited Roman ruins as part of their trip to Italy and Switzerland.

Ireland 2003
The Muhlenberg men’s basketball team spent eight sun-splashed and fun-filled days in the southern part of Ireland in August 2003. While in Ireland the team members had a balanced itinerary that included five games, exciting tours and sightseeing and time to relax and explore on their own.

The tours were led by John, an Irish tour guide, and included: the Muckross House, a sunny day on the “Ring of Kerry”, the Blarney Castle (everyone kissed the Blarney Stone), the Waterford Crystal Factory, the city of Dublin and the Rock of Cashel.

The team won three out of five closely contested games with Irish club teams. Following the games some of the best fellowship of the trip took place when the host Irish teams put on receptions for the Mules. Players from both teams had a chance to interact with each other in a friendly Irish atmosphere.

The team looks for four-leaf clovers in a
field at Killarney.
ireland Donte Borden hangs out with some new friends in a postgame reception at Waterford.

The Mule team poses in Madrid in front of a monument and statues depicting Don Quixote.
Spain 2000
The men’s basketball team spent 10 days touring the country of Spain in August 2000. The Mules flew into Madrid and 10 days later departed from Barcelona. In between they had a whirlwind excursion and had stops in Cordoba, Seville, Ronda, Marbella, Granada and Aguilas.

There were many highlights on the trip, including tours of the 18th century Royal Palace in Madrid and the palace of Alhambra in Granada. The Mules also had time to swim in the Mediterranean, attend a bullfight and tour the 1992 Olympic Village.

In addition, the Mules split two contests with Spanish competition. The Muhlenberg men beat the Marbella Basketball Club while dropping a close decision to the Aguilas Basketball Club.

Both clubs hosted the Muhlenberg travel party to Spanish-styles meals after the games. At these meals the members of the teams interacted and traded international goodwill with each other.