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Lehigh County Fields

Through a cooperative arrangement with Lehigh County, the Muhlenberg College softball and baseball teams play and practice at the Lehigh County Sports Fields complex, located less than two miles from campus.

softball  field The softball field was built in the spring and summer of 2004. The entire field is enclosed with fencing that gives proper softball dimensions of 200 feet down the lines and 225 feet to dead center, which offer some excitement for the long-ball hitters. The red windscreens add the cardinal touch to the field, and the dugout color scheme fits the Mule logos just right. The field was equipped with an electronic scoreboard beyond the leftfield fence in 2007.

baseball  field Across the path is a field the baseball team has called home since 1997. With dimensions of 340 down the lines, 390 to the power alleys and 410 to straightaway center, Cedarcreek Field is a good pitcher’s park, but it also favors gap hitters, who can find plenty of room in the spacious outfield. On days when the wind blows out, the fences will seem not so far away to power hitters.

The field has undergone numerous improvements over the past several years, including moving the backstop back, installing an electronic scoreboard, adding a second batting cage and leveling the playing surface.

Click here for directions to the County Fields.