What People are Saying about Muhlenberg

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Ranked among the top liberal arts colleges in the nation, Muhlenberg College inspires lots of conversation—about our passionate teaching, our incredibly connected campus, our recent graduates.

A sampling:


"A small liberal arts school with a decidedly friendly touch, Muhlenberg College encourages a spirit of community between students, faculty, and staff.  Muhlenberg professors are ‘warm, willing to talk, and really nice…"

-- The Best 373 Colleges, The Princeton Review

"Muhlenberg is a patently 'friendly campus' where everyone finds a niche and ‘people smile at you as you walk by them."

 -- The Best 373 Colleges, Princeton Review


"Strong in premed, prelaw, pre-anything." 
-- Fiske Guide To Colleges, 29th Edition

 "Muhlenberg's regional reputation rests on its premedical program, which continues to attract large numbers of students… The college's theater arts program is also a national draw, and a few alumni have even gone on to star on Broadway."

-- Fiske Guide To Colleges, 29th Edition

Total engagement

"Seniors may take advantage of the new Senior Year Experience program that helps students make the transition from college to 'whatever comes next.'  The program is organized around the concepts of transition, integration and reflection and includes workshops and seminars. "

-- Fiske Guide to Colleges, 29th Edition

 "Academics are taken seriously, but personal life and extracurricular activities are also an important part of the experience at Muhlenberg…"

 -- The Best 373 Colleges, Princeton Review