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“The Lehigh Valley Arts Council and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts are proud to support the professional shows that Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre brings to the Lehigh Valley.”

Alysea McDonald,
Program Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Partners in the Arts

Here's what they said about the MSMT 2014 Season:

A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line

"A stellar cast! All the ensemble numbers were well-executed, and the finale of "One" was completely satisfying!"

"The story still resonates and feels fresh in the Muhlenberg production. You feel these people could be auditioning on a Broadway stage today."

— Morning Call

"This is a touching, moving, passionate A Chorus Line. You will leave the Baker Center dancing on air, with the exuberance of the production and energy of the performers putting a stride in your step and a smile on your face."

— The Press Newspapers


"Unabashedly crazy fun! It perfectly captures the absurdist and often downright silly humor of Monty Python!"

— The Morning Call

"A rollicking good time! A musical of gleeful silliness, exuberant irreverence, and blissful optimism. You will exit laughing, feeling all the better for having experienced this show."

"Non-stop laughs! Whether you're a Pythonite or not, Spamalot is hilarious thanks to actors' line delivery timing, orchestra music cues, sound effects, numerous set changes and exciting lighting effects!"

— The Press Newspapers

HMS PinaforeGruff!

"Full of adventures and crazy shenanigans!"

— The Press Newspapers

"Kids will laugh at the silly jokes, physical humor and sight gags, while parents will appreciate the message about taking care of the environment."

— The Morning Call


MSMT 2013 Season:

Crazy For You

"'Crazy for You' is crazy fun and crazy good. It's as if an MGM musical has come to life in west Allentown — in Technicolor."

"MSMT's 'Crazy for You' asks the musical question, 'Who could ask for anything more?' and has all the right answers."
The Press Newspapers

"Let us bow in homage to the almost sadistically demanding choreographer, Karen Dearborn. One marvels not only that she could conceive these dances, but also and equally that these young dancers could execute them."
Lehigh Valley Stage

Crazy for You is "a song-and-dance extravaganza filled with glorious displays of tap dancing, thrilling intricate high steps and well-directed precision choruses... Karen Dearborn's choruses were well staged and full of energy. And Ed Bara's orchestra is just wonderful and makes the music soar through the theater."
Morning Call

HMS PinaforeJesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is "a thoughtful, often startling, entertaining passion play. The direction by James Peck is fluid and often cinematic. There's a rhythm and flow to the scenes, a seamless continuum in the briskly-paced show."
The Press Newspapers

"Tim Averill's scenic design is technically sophisticated. John McKernon's lighting is evocative and leaves you dazzled as he washes the stage with blood-red lights, burnt oranges and umbers, and ominous and tragic blacks. The final crucifixion scene is so painterly it is breathtaking."
Morning Call


Seussical: The Dr. Seuss Musical

Seussical is "a delight for children and adults alike… it's almost as if Dr. Seuss directed the play himself!"
The Press Newspapers

Seussical "is a fantastically entertaining show that will delight both children and adults. There's no doubt that once you enter the theatre you are immersed in the world of Dr. Seuss."


MSMT 2012 Season:




"Hairspray, a glittery barrel of fun at Muhlenberg...Hairspray, the Musical, now at Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre's Empie Theatre, is a big, brassy fun musical ... The show is fueled with music. Among the best numbers are 'Mama I'm a Big Girl Now,' 'Welcome to the Sixties' and 'The Big Doll House.' But for sheer pizzazz and excitement, Richter saves the best for last, the glittery finale by Tracy, Edna and Motormouth, 'You Can't Stop the Beat.'"
The Allentown Morning Call

"Big fun with knockout numbers... MSMT co-founder Charles Richter directs the 33-member cast with a mischevious sense of mirth at the foibles of teens, parents and authorities...It's an all-dancing production by Choreographer Karen Dearborn... With the closer, the metaphorical, 'You Can't Stop the Beat,' you don't want the fun to stop in MSMT's Hairspray."
The Press Newspapers


HMS PinaforeHMS Pinafore

"MSMT more than meets the challenge of 'Pinafore,' with laugh-out loud results that should delight Gilbert & Sullivan aficionados and please newcomers... Gilbert & Sullivan fans, to quote the text, 'this is a very singular occurence.' Don't miss MSMT's HMS Pinafore. It's a sheer delight."
The Press Newspapers

"HMS Pinafore at Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre is a wonderland of playful, electrifying color, gorgeous costumes and peppy high-kicking dancers with a cast that sings this beloved score with joyful voices... Director James Peck's creative and insightful direction respects and retains the show's original British-style humor and music-hall mannerisms and posturing, while leaving behind the rigidity of its Victorian roots. His imaginative staging creates a refreshingly modern version of this operetta."
The Allentown Morning Call

Harold and the Purple CrayonHarold and the Purple Crayon

"Harold and the Purple Crayon is a mervelously kid-friendly and technically flawless play... Based on the book by Crockett Johynson and expertly directed by Leslie Reidel, the play is presented by Enchantment Theatre Company... The believability of the interactive crayon drawings, scene movement, and animation of characters is tremendously well-done"
The Press Newspapers

"Muhlenberg creates a magical Harold and the Purple Crayon...A 4-year-old boy who creates a fantastic world with just a pruple crayon and his imagination comes to life in the inventive and gentle Harold and the Purple Crayon." 
The Allentown Morning Call


MSMT 2011 Season:

music manThe Music Man

The MSMT production of The Music Man is "family entertainment at its best" ... "Masenheimer is ... a joy to watch as he sings and dances his way into the audience's heart" ... "Karen Dearborn is blessed with a marvelous group of male dancers who dazzle with high jumps, agile pirouettes and show-stopping rhythms"..."New York designer Campbell Baird's cozy homespun pastel romantic sets are gorgeous."
The Allentown Morning Call

"Richter strikes a balance between ballyhoo and bottom-line of the story"..."Conductor Donald Spieth puts the 'band' through its paces, at times sounding like the musicians are ready to jump right out of the pit and march up and down the theater." ... "The MSMT production has a top-notch Broadway pedigree"... "If MSMT's The Music Man doesn't tug at your heart strings, you might need some restringing. Or you may need to take up the trumpet."
The Press Newspapers

Ariel Meseca and Andrew Clark in Godspell, Photo by Ken EkGodspell

Lehigh Valley Professional Theatre: Best Musical of 2011: "From the brilliantly staged opening number to the well-known 'Day by Day,' Godspell was inspired, thought-provoking and uplifting!"
The Press Newspapers

The MSMT production of Godspell has "many wonderful moments and cast members"... "Justin Brehm's band is excellent and plays the familiar rock score with fervor and joy"... "John McKernon's lighting designs are inspired and glorious."
The Allentown Morning Call

Melissa Ryan Reitberg and Andrew Clark in Cinderella

The collaborative production of Cinderella through MSMT and the Enchantment Theatre Company features a cast which is "astonishingly talented at expressing emotion through body movement and dance" ... "eye-popping scenes"
The Press Newspapers

"Muhlenberg's Cinderella is more dance than theater, and full of artistry that will entrance adults and captivate children.
The Allentown Morning Call


MSMT 2010 Season:

Melissa Frey and Michael Bloom in The Mikado. Photo by Kenny Ek, Kenek Photography.

The Mikado

The MSMT production of The Mikado "bristles with Broadway-quality production values." ... "The superb 19-member orchestra conducted by Vincent Trovato establishes the sprightly musical themes for the MSMT production and its tone of quality. Sumptuous costumes by Campbell Baird also place this MSMT show apart." ... "The show, appropriately enough, has supremely silly direction by Charles Richter and a supremely silly cast."
The Press Newspapers

"Gorgeous! That's the only way to describe The Mikado, now playing at MSMT." ... "Vincent Trovato and his polished orchestra bring to life the music which has been beloved by so many for so long." ... "Richter has created a show full of foolish nonsense, convoluted logic, thwarted lovers and some of the most gorgeous music ever written for the stage. It shouldn't be missed!"
The Allentown Morning Call

Andrew Clark in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Photo by Kenny Ek, Kenek Photography.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

"Spelling Bee ... has heart, soul, and a lot of charm." ... "Director Bill Mutimer has a gift for staging small scale musicals with verve and detail." ... "The actors amaze us with their spelling prowess, delight us with their singing and wow us with their energetic hip hopping dance routines, chorus lines and other signature Mutimer high jinks."
The Allentown Morning Call

"Spelling Bee is the surprise delight of the 2010 Lehigh Valley summer theater season." ... "Director-choreographer Bill Mutimer has assembled an outstanding cast of triple-threats (singing, dancing, acting, backed by six fine musicians."
The Press Newspapers

Elle Barks in Schoolhouse Rock Live! Photo by Kenny Ek, Kenek Photography.

Schoolhouse Rock Live!

"The action explodes off the stage of the intimate Studio Theatre in 'Schoolhouse Rock Live!,' the children's production that MSMT is presenting through July 30. The six actors are superb physical comedians as well as singers and dancers. The show is visually engaging even for very young children."
The Morning Call


Photos: The Music Man, 2011; Godspell, 2011; Cinderella, 2011; The Mikado, 2010; Spelling Bee, 2010; Schoolhouse Rock, 2010; all photos by Kenny Ek, Kenek Photography