The Dance Program


The Dance Program at Muhlenberg is designed to challenge students intellectually as well as physically.

In the true liberal arts tradition, the Muhlenberg Dance Program is dedicated to teaching you not just how to dance, but how to think about the art of dance and its connection to the larger world.

The Dance Program is built upon deep commitment to both the art and the science of dance. In an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, students and faculty join to create a program with an inclusive, embracing climate, able to serve a varied community.

What courses of study are available?

The Dance Major: Those who are serious about studying dance may pursue a major in dance, in any of a number of concentrations. The major is designed to flexibly meet the student's needs while providing a solid background in dance history and theory, along with intensive study in a variety of dance techniques.

The dance major serves as excellent preparation for graduate study and careers in dance. Dance majors typically pursue careers in performance, teaching, choreography, dance therapy, physical therapy, and arts management.

Double Majors: Many dance majors choose to pursue a second major in addition to dance. Popular choices include theatre, business, and biology, in preparation for careers in musical theatre, dance therapy, and dance medicine. In addition, Muhlenberg offers a teaching certificate program popular among dance majors.

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The Dance Minor: Minoring in dance can also help to prepare students for careers in musical theatre, dance therapy, and dance medicine. Of course, you might also choose to minor in dance because you love to dance, but wish to pursue other academic interests.

Dance Classes: All Muhlenberg students, regardless of major, are welcome to take both technique classes in the studio and academic classes from the Dance Program.

What concentrations are available?

Dance majors are now required to choose a concentration from several distinct courses of study in the Dance Program. Most students find themselves pursuing one or two of these areas of focus:

What production and performance opportunities are available?

Dancers and choreographers have numerous opportunities to participate in public performances. All Muhlenberg students may audition for concerts and ensembles.

Mainstage: The Department's Mainstage season includes three dance concerts annually: two student-choreographed concerts and the Master Choreographers concert, featuring the work of nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty and guest artists. The Department also produces two student-choreographed Dance Gallery performances each season. Each student-choreographed concert features the work of eight to twelve choreographers, and 30 to 50 dancers perform in each of the five concerts.

Informal Concerts: In addition, the student-run Muhlenberg Dance Association presents a series of Informal Concerts each semester, showcasing student performance and choreography. These concerts are the entry-level performances for both choreographers and dancers.

Touring Ensembles: Students may audition to participate in three different dance ensembles that perform on and off campus: Six Meters, an improvisational dance company; Shelley Oliver's Jazz Tap Ensemble; and the DanceMax ensemble that performs for high school students. Students may earn academic credit for participating in ensembles.

American College Dance Festival: Muhlenberg students and faculty attend the Regional and National ACDFA festivals each year. Muhlenberg dancers have been selected to perform in all of the Gala Concerts and four of the five National Festivals since 2002. Find out more.

Teaching Opportunities: Many of the teachers for Muhlenberg Community Dance Center Youth Programs are Muhlenberg dance students — an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their professional experience and explore a possible career in dance education.