New Visions Directors' Festival

Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2016
Studio Theatre

The Burnin'

Guest Artist Performance

Sept. 30, 2016
Baker Theatre

Pirates of Penzance

Oct. 28 - Nov. 6, 2016
Empie Theatre

Moving Stories

Nov. 10-12, 2016
Baker Theatre

New Visions Directors' Festival

Nov. 30 - Dec. 4
Studio Theatre

Master Choreographers

Feb. 9-11, 2017
Empie Theatre

Listen to Me

Feb. 22-26, 2017
Studio Theatre

Wig Out!

March 30 - April 2, 2017
Baker Theatre

Dance Emerge

April 19-22, 2017
Studio Theatre

The Cherry Orchard

April 26-29, 2017
Baker Theatre

Diverse. Innovative. Boundary-breaking. First-rate.

That's the Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance Mainstage series. Dance performances from intimate contemporary solos to grand-scale ballet. Theatre productions from experimental blackbox to Broadway-style musicals — all delivered with the professionalism and vision of a professional repertory company.

Muhlenberg's Mainstage represents opportunity, for patrons and for the students of the Theatre & Dance Department: a vibrant and rambunctous performing arts experience for participants and audiences alike.

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