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Je Suis Dead

Je Suis Dead

Fool's Proof Theatre are back in the States with their critically acclaimed production Je Suis Dead

September 21, 2010 at 8 p.m. | Baker Theatre

Fool's Proof Theatre is an international company based in Liverpool, founded in 2005 by Ben Phillips (UK), Britt Jurgensen (Germany), and Mary Pearson (USA).

Je Suis Dead, which they will present September 21 at Muhlenberg, is the company's second piece in a proposed trilogy about identity and the invisible ties that bind us.

Three modern day people are thrown together in the aftermath of a near fatal train crash. Yet unbeknown to them the crash also brings back to life other parts of themselves, which manifest as strange characters from the past each with their own story to tell. In the midst of it all the three strangers are forced to deal with their rapidly changing perceptions of reality.

Je Suis Dead is a thought provoking exploration of the multiple selves existing in each of us, and the interconnectedness of the stories we contain.

"...a highly original concept, passionately developed. The play is thoughtful, provocative, demanding and funny." - Total Theatre

"I would recommend it to one and all for a fabulous evening of self-reflective physical theatre." - Theatre in Wales

Recommended for ages 16 and up.

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