performing arts & liberal arts


Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance curriculum offers all the advantages of studio training — against the backdrop of a rich, stimulating Liberal Arts education.

“There's absolutely something about Muhlenberg. We get the top training possible in theatre, in dance, in music, and we are also well rounded students.”

—Jessica Ball,

Muhlenberg Theatre & Dance students enjoy the best of both worlds: the artistic discipline and training of an intense studio program, and the intellectual rigor and scholarly breadth of a first-class liberal arts college.

All Muhlenberg students can take Theatre & Dance courses and participate in productions. For students who are serious about pursuing their interest in the performing arts, the Department offers a Theatre Major, a Dance Major and Minor, and a wide variety of dual majors and cross-curricular study programs.

The academic programs in both Theatre and Dance provide students with intensive studio experiences in performance and design, along with a solid background in the history, theory, and literature of stage performance.

The program offers extensive opportunities for students to act, choreograph, dance, design, stage-manage, and direct. In addition to a regionally acclaimed and ambitious Mainstage production season, the Department supports a wide variety of student-initiated studio projects each year, offering extended opportunities for students to explore all of their interests and talents.

Resident and visiting faculty in theatre and dance offer a wealth of diverse professional perspectives and styles for students to experience, as a way of broadening their own journey as artists. Master classes, lectures, and special performances by visiting artists and artists-in-residence offer further opportunities for students to expand their creative horizons.