Double Majors & Multidisciplinary Studies

dance and pre-med? not a problem!

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One of the hallmarks of the Department is the chance to pursue other academic interests in addition to intensive theatre and dance training. As a result, we have attracted a community of students with incredibly diverse interests, experience, and talents.

“I was able to really grow in more than just the field of theatre. I was able to grow in many different areas, and I think that is one of the joys of a liberal arts education.”

—Phil Haas '05

Double Majors and Multidisciplinary Studies

The Theatre & Dance curriculum is designed to be both rigorous and flexible, allowing you to pursue your interests in multiple theatre and dance disciplines or in other fields of study entirely. Many of our students take at least a minor in addition to their major, or select more than one concentration within theatre and dance (for example, directing and acting, dance performance and education).

One of Muhlenberg's great advantages is the personal attention of your academic advisor, who will help you carefully plan your coursework to fulfill your academic requirements. Talk to your advisor about your plans and goals, and he or she will help you figure out how to achieve them.

Here are just some of the multidisciplinary options available to you.

  • Musical Theatre studies
    Muhlenberg provides excellent training to students with an interest in musical theatre performance. Students typically combine training in our Dance and Theatre programs with courses in Muhlenberg's excellent Music Department. Find out more.
  • Arts Administration
    The Business Program offers the arts administration concentration as an option within the business major. Many students combine this concentration with studies in theatre or dance—great preparation for a career behind the scenes in the performing arts, or for running a performing arts-related business, such as a dance studio or a theatre company.
  • Dance Medicine / Dance Therapy
    Combining a major in dance with a major in biology, physiology, neuroscience, or psychology — or a major/minor program in those fields — is excellent preparation for a career in physical therapy, dance therapy, movement therapy, or dance medicine. Muhlenberg has an excellent Pre-Health Program, which helps students carefully select courses to meet the requirements of their major as well as medical schools' admission requirements.
       Muhlenberg also offers a six-year cooperative program with Thomas Jefferson University, at the end of which students receive their Bachelor of Arts degree in dance from Muhlenberg and their doctorate degree in physical therapy from Thomas Jefferson. Find out more.
  • Arts Education
    Students interested in teaching the performing arts often take courses in theatre and dance while pursuing certification through the College's Education Program. Education courses may also benefit those interested in performing children's theatre, or in operating a dance or theatre school for children, and many students interested in teaching dance join the teaching staff of the Muhlenberg Community Dance Center youth programs.

Certification: Requirements change periodically and vary by state, although most states have reciprocity agreements. Those pursuing a Pre-K to 4 certificate at Muhlenberg may major in any subject, including theatre or dance. Those pursuing Grade 4-8 and Grade 7-12 certification need to select a subject for certification; since Pennsylvania does not offer certification in theatre or dance, students will need to select another major, such as English, in addition to their education courses. While it would be difficult to complete a theatre or dance major in addition to another major and teacher certification, students can certainly take significant coursework in theatre and dance — including a dance minor — while completing their degree in four years.

  • Playwriting
    Students interested in playwriting often take a theatre major with a creative writing minor, concentrating in performance studies, acting, or directing.
  • Literary & Dramatic Studies
    This is a popular choice for students with an interest in textual studies and in bringing literary studies and theory to bear in the context of the literature of the stage, either as academics or as theatre practitioners.

Many other students pursue completely unrelated academic interests, ranging from mathematics to pre-law. Remember that all Muhlenberg students are welcome to take courses in the Theatre & Dance Department, regardless of their major — so if you want to continue to explore the performing arts while you prepare for your medical career, we encourage you to do it!


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