MCDC Summer Dance Programs

Each summer, the Muhlenberg Community Dance Center offers classes for young dancers, ages 4-19, in a variety of styles. Schedules and sessions vary from year to year.


The Muhlenberg Community Dance Center (MCDC) reflects the spirit of the college's dance program in its celebration of all dance and creativity. MCDC offers a safe and supportive environment through which students explore their creative and physical potential under the guidance of a fresh and qualified teaching staff.

The curriculum is designed to carry a child from earliest creative movement experience through pre-professional level work, with a focus on developing self-confidence and a life long appreciation for dance and other art forms. The MCDC community is a multi-generational community offering dance classes for most interests and levels.

Whether one chooses to pursue dance as a profession or as a physical and creative outlet, it is important to remember that learning to dance is only one benefit of dance training. Individuals studying dance learn about commitment, concentration, perseverance, teamwork, and creative problem solving — important ingredients for success of any kind

Teaching Philosophy:

MCDC Faculty is comprised of distinguished dance professionals as well as specially selected Muhlenberg College students among the elite pursuing their degrees in dance.

MCDC aims to develop strong confidence and morals in our students through our examples as teachers. We strive to develop students that are strong, creative and independent leaders as well as respectful, ethical and generous team participants; two major tools for success in life.

In order to achieve this goal we must constantly work on these same ideas ourselves, as teachers and mentors. There is a discipline/respect/fun balance required in teaching:

  • The technique of dance requires a strict discipline.
  • Discipline is an important part of every learning process and dance is a great way to develop the beginning of lifelong organization and focus.
  • Students must be disciplined in the technique of dance.
  • Teachers must be disciplined in their teaching philosophy.
  • Students must respect their teacher.
  • Teachers must respect their students.
  • Dance should be fun.