Our Mission

Why we're here

Photo by Matthew Wright, Fig Tree Photography

In the tradition of the liberal arts, Muhlenberg's Theatre & Dance Department doesn't just concern itself with training actors, dancers, and designers. We aim to create an environment in which actors, dancers, and designers become thinkers and artists.

Departmental Curricular Learning Goals

Students should:

  1. Investigate the functions and value of performances in human life by making performances and by studying them.
  2. Create meaningful and vivid performances using a variety of generative artistic processes.
  3. Analyze performances in cultural and historical context using a range of contemporary scholarly methods.
  4. Integrate embodied and scholarly/analytic approaches to performance.
  5. Make artistic choices informed by conceptual understanding and practical training.
  6. Exhibit a rigorous work ethic grounded in a productive approach to collaboration.
  7. Develop a personal yet self-reflective voice, expressed in artistic and scholarly/analytic modes.
  8. Discern their individual contribution to the performing arts as producers, advocates, critics, and consumers of culture.
  9. Write creatively and cogently about performances.
  10. Cultivate an informed artistic point-of-view sharpened by the integration of knowledge about theatrical performance with insight derived from interdisciplinary connections within the broad liberal arts framework.

Photo: Master Choreographers 2010, photo by Matthew Wright