RJ Fellows


Learning & Leadership for a Changing World

The RJ Fellows Program is an evolving learning community that includes the following educational activities:

First-Year Seminar

The First-Year Seminar during the first semester of freshman year introduces the RJ Fellows to the work of critically exploring change through readings and activities. Students intensively analyze, interpret, and discuss academic and social issues, thereby developing tools to identify, conceptualize, and meaninfully encounter the many manifestations of change in the world.

In addition, the RJ Fellows FYS is a service-learning course. Students interact with and participate in a variety of community settings, and use their experiences as a starting point to analyze the dynamics of change on a community-wide scale. In the process, students recognize the possibilities and limits of their role as agents of change.

RJ-Designated Courses

Between freshman and senior year, RJ Fellows must take at least three RJ-designated courses. These are generally interdisciplinary, and fulfill other College requirements.

For a list of current and past RJ courses, please visit the RJ Course List Page.

Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE)

This senior seminar serves as a culminating experience for the years of change-oriented learning that the RJ Fellows have undertaken.

In addition, the CUE serves as a space for RJ Fellows to reflect on their previous course and research experiences, and to develop a presentation based on this work to be presented at the annual RJ Fellows Senior Symposium.

Annual RJ Fellows Senior Symposium

Senior RJ Fellows present their work and interests in a formal setting to the RJ and campus community. RJ Fellows play a leading role in planning & organizing the symposium.