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Quiz for Centrifuge Training


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We have two rotors for the Sorval RC6 centrifuge – the SS34 and the SLA-1500.

  1. 1. Which rotor is capable of reaching higher speeds/g-forces?
    1. a. SS-34
    2. b. SLA-1500
  1. 2. Which rotor is capable of holding larger tubes?
    1. a. SS-34
    2. b. SLA-1500
  2. 3. Any tube that fits in the rotor is okay for centrifuging.

  3. True
  4. False
  5. 4. In order to ensure a rotor is properly installed into the instrument you must:

  6. a. Place it on the spindle such that the rotor pins and spindle pegs/pins are staggered
  7. b. Tighten the lid on the rotor
  8. c. Check for gaps between the lid and the rotor
  9. d. Gently pull “up” on the rotor after the lid is tightened to ensure there is no movement or give
  10. e. All of the above
  11. 5. In order to balance your tubes for centrifugation you should:

  12. 6. If a tube leaks in the centrifuge, you should:

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