Department of Political Science

Political Science Student Conference Presentations & Prestigious Awards

The Model United Nations Conference is taking place at the University of Pennsylvania November 6 - 9, 2014. Muhlenberg College will be represented by the following students:

Christopher Baumgartel '17
Susanne Boss '17
Sean Kenney '18
Arissa Lahr '17
Masheed Mahjor '17
Emily Morton '18
Jeffrey Pildes '17
Alexa Potter '16


Student Conference Presentations

The following students presented at political science conferences this spring:

The Pennsylvania Political Science Association:

Kathleen Rogers ‘14 presented a paper titled “The Future of Women in High-Level Political Offices: The Resources and Challenges of the Youngest Generations”.

Sarah Chabolla ‘14 presented a paper titled “Political Rape Culture: An Analysis of How Rape Culture is Reflected in State-Level Legislation and Definitions of Consent”.

Gabriel Hurtado ‘13 presented a paper titled “Minor League, Major Impact? Examining the Relationship Between Minor League Baseball and Civic Engagement”.

Rachel Marie Asaro ‘14 presented a paper titled “The Command of Direct Non-Violent Action”.

Jacob Glass ‘13 presented a paper titled “Effective Revolution: An Examination of Non-Violent Movements as a Means for Democratic Reform”. Evan Lovas ’13 presented a paper titled “`Neoliberal Plague’: Exploring the Linkages between Poverty, Inequality, Globalization and HIV/AIDS”.

Sydney Yonak ’13 presented a paper titled “The Failure of Long-Term Peace in Chechnya”.

Jeremy Fuchs ‘14 presented a paper titled “The Arab Spring and Public Space”.

Garrett Gallinot ‘13 presented a paper titled “Nixon and Clinton: Rhetorical Approaches to Public Apologies. I’m Sorry Just Doesn’t Cut It: Knowing When to Lie, Deny, and When to Hedge an Alibi”.

Lindsey Doane ’13 presented a paper titled “The Effect of Gerrymandering on Political Polarization in the U.S. House of Representatives During the 2012 Fiscal Cliff Talks.”

The Midwest Political Science Association:

Garrett Gallinot ‘13 presented a poster titled “The Relationship Between the Media and Political Participation Among Young Adults.

Kathleen Rogers ‘14 presented a poster titled “The Future of Women in High-Level Political Offices: The Resources and Challenges of the Youngest Generations.

LVAIC Social Research Social Justice Conference:

Emily Hirsch ‘14, Zachary Liebnick ‘14, and Rebecca Romano ‘14 presented a paper titled “Sustainability at Muhlenberg College”.

Political Science and International Studies Honor Awards:

Michael Arbittier ‘13 received the Sigma Phi Epsilon Award. Joseph Celentano ‘13 received the Dr. Victor L. Johnson Scholarship.

Lindsey Doane ‘13 received the Soujourner Truth Award. Lindsey also received the Reverend Dr. H.H. Bruning Gift Fund Prize.

Garrett Gallinot ‘13 was awarded the Dr. Charles S. Bednar Award in Political Science. Garrett also received the Dr. Harold L. Stenger Jr. Fellowship for Graduate Study in Literature.

Lauren Gilbert ‘13 was awarded the James W. and Barbara H. Herrick Award in International Studies.

Jacob Glass ‘13 received numerous awards:
- the Frederick E. Hanson Scholarship Award
- the Dr. Robert S. Ochner Award
- the Harry S. Truman Scholarship
- the Morris K. Udall Scholarship
- the President’s Award for outstanding Achievement and Promise for Post Graduate work by a Junior
- the National Collegiate Honors Council Student of the Year Award

Sarah Levitin ’14 was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Evan Lovas ’13 was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Kathleen Rogers ’14 received the President’s Award.

Emma Taffett ’13 received the Greek Leader of the Year Award.

Stephanie Wolbransky ’13 received the Student Government Achievement Award.

Sydney Yonak ‘13 was awarded the Citizen Exchange Council Award in Russian Studies and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program.