Why study philosophy?

Philosophy requires scrutiny of the concepts that define who we are and that give direction to our lives, as well as exploration of the assumptions and methodologies fundamental to other disciplines. The student of philosophy develops skills in clarifying concepts, analyzing arguments, and assessing positions.

The Practical Value of Philosophy

The understanding and skills gained through the study of philosophy are valuable to all individuals and are highly prized by every profession, including law, medicine, government, and business.  National studies show that Philosophy students achieve higher scores on MCATs and LSATs than students who major in most other fields, and professional school admissions officers and associations stress their interest in philosophically trained applicants.

Philosophy in the Marketplace

Best Majors for GRE Scores

Further, in a rapidly shifting, global economy, the study of Philosophy is especially helpful for those of us who will change career paths several times – often in response to the development of entirely new careers.  To be able to ‘think on one’s feet’ and solve novel problems is a particular gift of students of Philosophy.