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Marcia Morgan Email Marcia Morgan

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Director, Women's and Gender Studies

Moyer, 3rd Floor
Phone: 484-664-3416

B.S. Villanova University
M.A., Ph.D. New School for Social Research

Recent Courses and Directed Studies:

Philosophy and the Arts; Phenomenology; Philosophy of Feminism; The Politics of Memory; Kant's Critique of Pure Reason; 19th Century Philosophy; 20th Century Continental Philosophy; Discourse and Democracy; Arendtian Action and Art; The Will to Power: Nietzsche, Foucault, Heidegger; Existentialism; Critiques of Violence; Theories of Human Nature; Musical Aesthetics

Areas of Specialization and Concentration:

19th and 20th century Continental philosophy, Kierkegaard, existentialism and phenomenology, critical theory, and feminist theory

Recent Service Positions at Muhlenberg College:

2012-13, Associate Program Director, Center for Ethics, Program on "Market/Values"

Jan. 2012-Dec. 2014, Assistant Director, Faculty Center for Teaching

Recent Awards at Muhlenberg College:

April 2014, Robert C. Williams Research Award for Junior Faculty; Summer 2014, Summer Collaborative Research Grant (8 weeks); January-May 2014, Grant for Research Assistance, (18 weeks); Summer 2014, Summer 2012, and Summer 2011: Faculty Development and Scholarship Summer Research Grant (8 weeks)

2013- 2014, $10,000 Grant for Women's and Gender Studies Forum, "Freedom, Personhood, and Justice," Co-organized with B. Schachter (Theatre) and Sue Jansen (Media & Communications), see:

April 2012, Daniel J. and Carol Shiner Wilson Research Award

Recent External Awards:

May 2011, Invited Lecturer Grant, Centre for Philosophy, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Summer 2010, Edna Hong Research Fellowship, Edna and Howard Hong Kierkegaard Library, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

Jan. 2010, Visiting Scholar Grant, Hong Kierkegaard Library, St. Olaf

Selected Recent Conference Papers and Guest Lectures:

May 24, 2014: “Vulnerability and Ethics: Corporeal Injurability in Habermas’s Recent Theory of Ethical Subjectivity,” Philosophy and the Social Sciences Conference, Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

May 20, 2014: “On Communicative Authenticity,” Research Platform:  "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society," Institute for Christian Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria

May 2, 2014: “Intersubjective Liability and Corporeal Injurability: On Communicative Freedom,” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Alumni Conference, Graduate Department of Philosophy, New School for Social Research, New York

April 24, 2014: “Heller’s Either/Or: Or, What Makes a Person Choose the Ethical,” Hale Ethics Series, Department of Philosophy, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York

April 3, 2014: “Transgression, Plurality, and the Romance of Philosophy,” Crossings, Hybrids, Genres, Conference of the American Philosophies Forum, Co-sponsored by Emory University and Stony Brook Manhattan, New York

March 12, 2013: “What is Feminism?” Panelist in the Feminist Collective Women’s Week, Muhlenberg College

January 25, 2012: “What Does Social Justice Mean?” Panel Speaker in the Social Justice Collaborative Event for Martin Luther King, Jr. Week, Muhlenberg College

October 27, 2011: "Kierkegaard, Marcuse, and Matuštík: Radical Existential Praxis," 4th Biennial Conference of the International Marcuse Society, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

September 22, 2011: "The Battle Between Memory and Forgetting," Dana Forum Senior Research Seminar, Muhlenberg College

May 5, 2011: “Kierkegaard, Philosophical Fragments, and Critical Theory,” Project on the Translation of Kierkegaard's Works 1938-44, Kierkegaard's Philosophical Fragments, Centre for Philosophy, Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

April 7, 2010: "The Meaning of Working Through the Past: Or Politics in the Effort to Forget," Faculty Humanities Seminar Guest Lecture, Muhlenberg College

June 29, 2010: “Kierkegaard and Critical Theory Today,” Sixth International Kierkegaard Conference, Hong Kierkegaard Library, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota


Dr. Morgan has published two books, one as editor and co-author with Agnes Heller on The Concept of the Beautiful (Rowman & Littlefield/Lexington Books, 2012), and one as sole author of a monograph on Kierkegaard and Critical Theory (Rowman & Littlefield/Lexington Books, 2012). She has published book chapters in Schleiermacher und Kierkegaard: Subjectivity and Truth (Walter de Gruyter) and Kierkegaard in Lisbon: Contemporary Readings (University of Lisbon), with articles forthcoming in Revue Internationale de Philosophie (Belgium), Thesis Eleven (Australia), Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception, and Resources (Ashgate UK), among other publications. She has published book reviews in The Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal and The Bryn Mawr Review of Comparative Literature. She is currently working on a monograph on Kierkegaard and phenomenology; a book chapter on Habermas; and a book chapter on Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and aesthetic theory. She is also currently editing and contributing an introduction to a new book by Agnes Heller on The Philosophy of Dreams.

Previous Positions:

Prior to Muhlenberg, Dr. Morgan taught as Lecturer at Bryn Mawr College in Pennyslvania and at Postdam University in Germany. She also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Technical University of Dresden in Germany.