Neuroscience Program


Honors Program

A student may work for honors by conducting research with a faculty mentor from the Neuroscience Program for two semesters during the senior year. Acceptance into the honors program is selective and based on the following criteria:

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.5 in courses counting toward the neuroscience major
  2. Approval of an Honors Proposal submitted to a Neuroscience Program faculty member in the Spring of the Junior year. The student should work with the faculty member to develop the proposal. The proposal will be reviewed by an Honors Committee.
  3. Availability of research positions within the laboratory of the chosen faculty mentor.

Acceptance into the honors program does not mean that honors necessarily will be awarded. The Neuroscience Program will grant honors at commencement to majors who have fulfilled the following conditions:

  1. The candidate has met the expectations of two course units of research during the Senior year or the summer prior to the Senior year. Under rare circumstances, a highly active student may count research performed during the Junior year toward this requirement. Research counting toward honors work must occur under the NSC 970 designation. In all cases, research expectations will be clearly established by the faculty mentor.
  2. The candidate has actively attended Neuroscience Program seminars, and/or an affiliate departmental seminar series (including Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, and/or Computer Science Department seminar programs).
  3. The candidate has submitted a senior thesis for review by the Honors Committee. The thesis should be a paper in standard scientific format. It should address a significant issue within neuroscience, provide substantial background on the subject, give a complete description of the experiments performed, and discuss the significance of the results. The Committee will judge the candidate’s thesis based both on the scientific merit of the work and the quality of writing.
  4. The candidate has presented the results of the honors research in the Neuroscience Program seminar, usually during the Spring semester of the Senior year.

The Honors Committee will evaluate both the written thesis and the seminar of the candidate and make a determination as to whether Honors or no honors (with a passing grade) will be awarded.

For more information, please consult the Guidelines in Preparing Honors Proposals for Neuroscience and/or the Guidelines for the Neuroscience Program Honors Thesis. Both are available from Dr. Jeremy Teissere, Program Director.