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Teaching Venues

Most music classes are held in Room 155 in the Baker Center for the Arts. This is a "smart" classroom, equipped with state-of-the-art instructional technology. The classroom computer includes ear-training and notation software and access to the internet. The console contains DVD and VHS players, a digital editor, and a CD player. The projector at the podium displays pages and objects in 3D and color. Images are projected on a large screen and easily viewed by all the students in the room. Facilities integrate traditional and cutting-edge pedagogies

Music Studio

Electronic Music Studio
Used for electronic music classes and composition, this studio includes the latest in Macintosh computers, synthesizer keyboards, and sound modules. Samplers and an 8-track ADAT digital recorder allow the creation of new sounds. Students studying electronic music have 24-hour access to the facilities.

Faculty Studios

Faculty Studios
Applied music instruction takes place in faculty studios. Each studio is configured for the instrument being taught and is equipped with a piano and a complete sound system with recording capabilities. We have a dedicated organ teaching studio and a fully-equipped percussion studio.