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Zach Weiss
Religion, Culture and Morality: The Formation of Adolescent Identities

In the fall of 2003, The Muhlenberg College Center for Ethics hosted speakers based on its theme of Sustainability. The presentations ranged from focusing on sustainable agriculture, to sustainable development, to sustainable lifestyle practices, but all were concerned with this question: Will we be able to continue living the way we are now without serious consequences to our communities, our health, and our planet? With the help of the Center for Ethics and Dr. Jim Schneider, I created a video to be used a historical record of the events, as a type of promotional video for the Center and its future events, and as something that could be used as an educational tool for students interested in the topic of sustainability. The video consists of footage from the actual events, tied together with a fictional character/narrator who acts as a medium between the speakers and the viewer.