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Krisukas Brian Krisukas
The Aesthetics and Ethical Dilemmas in Creating Documentary Video

For my presentation I will highlight the documentary I have been working on this semester in Advanced Electronic Media Production. The documentary is on the cultural phenomena surrounding ring bologna in my hometown of Bangor Pennsylvania. The video shows different butchers in the area and follows them through the production process. There is an emphasis on the cultural importance of the product and consumer preference depending on the specific butchers. In my five-minute presentation I would like to discuss the aesthetic qualities of the video and the issue of objective presentation of information. I would also like to emphasize in my presentation how something so seemingly unimportant to some may actually be the basis of life for others such as the butchers. In order to make the presentation interactive I would like to put together some clips from my film and show very short segments to talk about them. If you have any suggestions on how I could improve my presentation please let me know.