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Professor , Media & Communication
Media and Democratic Theory
Walson Hall 101

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo

Sue Curry Jansen focuses on issues of freedom of expression broadly conceived, including relationships of power to knowledge, social conditions and institutional arrangements that promote democratic communication and active citizen participation in policy making. She is co-editor of Media & Social Justice (forthcoming, 2011); she is the author of two books, Critical Communication Theory (2002) and Censorship: The Knot that Binds Power and Knowledge (1988, 1991) and co-author of Humanism in Sociology: Historical Roots and Contemporary Problems (1978). She is currently working on a book on Walter Lippmann. She has published many book chapters as well as articles in publications such as the Journal of Communication, Communication Theory, Communication Yearbook, Feminist Media Studies, Theory and Society, the International Encyclopedia of Communication, and Censorship: An International Encyclopedia. She teaches Mass Persuasion and Propaganda, Writing for the Media, Patriotism and the Press, and other courses.

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