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Dedicated to the convergence of media analysis and media production for social justice in a liberal arts setting .

Recent Faculty Publications

The Department of Media and Communication prides itself  on its outsanding faculty who are dedicated to expanding knowledge in the field.  Facutly are active scholars contributing vitally to the discipline.  The diversity of faculty interests are partially captured in the sample of recent publications below.

Dr. Elizabeth Nathanson has published her book, Television and Postfeminist Housekeeping:  No Time for Mother, in the Routledge Advances in Television Studies series.

Nathanson book cover

Dr. Sue Curry Jansen's book, Walter Lippmann: A Critical Introduction to Media and Communication Theory, has been published by Peter Lang (2012). 


Jansen book title

Dr. Taub-Pervizpour has a chapter, "Youth as Cultural Producers / Cultural Productions of Youth," in The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).

International Encyclopedia of Media Studies


Dr. John Sullivan has published a textbook titled, Media Audiences:  Effects, Users, Institutions, and Power (Sage, 2012).

sullivan book

Dr. Paul McEwan's book, Bruce McDonald's Hard Core Logo, was published in 2012 by Toronto University Press.

McEwan book

Dr. Jansen, Dr. Pooley and Dr. Taub-Pervizpour have co-edited a new volume, Media and Social Justice.  The co-editors, and Dr. Sullivan, all are contributors of chapters .  Read Dr. Jansen's introduction here.

Media and Social Justice book cover



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