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Tiffany Kreider Tiffany Kreider '13
Presidential Assistant
Languages: French

As a senior at Muhlenberg College, I am delighted to begin my second year as the Presidential Assistant for the Language Learning Center. With an interest in computer programming and website design, I am excited to bring my experience with technology and familiarity with French to the Language Learning Center. Besides being the Presidential Assistant for the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, I have worked for the Trexler Library as well as a student first-aider for the Athletic Training Room. In my spare time, I volunteer for varies organizations and work at the Swain School. Also, I am a member of the lacrosse team.

George Fuzayl  George Fuzayl '14
Lab Assistant
  Languages: Russian & Hebrew



My name is George Fuzayl and I am from Pikesville, MD. I was originally born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Currently I am a sophomoreat Muhlenberg College and plan on majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Russian Studies. This is my first year in the Language Learning Center, and I have really enjoyed it thus far. I am well-versed in Russian and Hebrew, and basic Spanish. I am a campus delegate here on campus, a member of the Chemistry Club, and a lead in the fall third tier show, Dog Sees God. Working with the Department of Literatures, Languages, and Cultures allows me the opportunity to help my fellow peers and expand my own growth as a young adult, and I hope to remain an assistant until I graduate.

Emily Prawer  Emily Prawer '14
  Lab Assistant
  Languages: Spanish, Hebrew & Italian



My name is Emily Prawer and I am in the 2014 graduating class. I am from a small town in northern New Jersey called Glen Rock.  Although I am still new to Muhlenberg, I love it so far, and am planning to get involved in many activities such as community service projects and Hillel. I have not decided what to major in, but sociology and psychology are both subjects I am very interested in.  I speak Spanish and am very familiar with Hebrew and Italian.  I have family from Israel, so Hebrew is spoken around me often. I also spent a summer in Costa Rica and two weeks in Italy, so working at the language lab reminds me of all my experiences! I plan to study abroad my junior year, and even be open to learning a new language. The staff here is wonderful and I hope to work as a lab assistant for the following years.

Karen Trakhtenberg '14 Karen Trakhtenberg '14
Student Lab Assistant
Languages: Russian

My name is Karen Trakhtenberg and I am a member of the class of 2014. I plan on double majoring in Psychology and Media and Communication. I'm fluent in Russian and I'm happy to work in the Language Learning Center here at Muhlenberg College.

Chelsea Britten '15 Chelsea Britten '15
Lab Assistant
Language: French & Spanish

My name is Chelsea Britten, I am from a small town called Yarmouth, Maine and currently a sophomore at Muhlenberg. I plan on majoring in International Relations with a minor in French. Through middle and high school I have taken lots of French courses, which is my area of strength when it comes to languages, but I also have a little background in Spanish. I’ve traveled to many countries and plan on going abroad to France in my junior year. I’ve only worked at the Language Learning Center for a little while but I am really enjoying it. I hope to continue as a Lab Assistant through my senior year here at Muhlenberg College.

Jordana Sklover '15 Jordana Sklover '15
Lab Assistant
Language: Hebrew, French & Spanish

My Name is Jordana Sklover, I am from Long Beach, New York and I’m currently a sophomore here at Muhlenberg. I began to learn and love languages in pre-school where I started to learn Hebrew. I continued to learn Hebrew until my senior year of high school, and also began to study Spanish and French along the way. I have traveled to Israel many times to visit the land and culture that I love, as well as to immerse myself in the language that I am so excited to fully understand. I only began working in the Language Learning Center a few months ago, but I am really enjoying it and I hope to continue working through my four years here. I have not declared a Major yet but I love Studio Art and am very interested in Psychology, so I hope to choose one or both and declare soon!

Colin Zelin '15 Colin Zelin '15
Lab Assistant
Language: Spanish

My name is Colin Zelin. I am currently a sophomore at Muhlenberg and thrilled to be working in the Language Learning Center.  I grew up in Yardley Pennsylvania, a small suburb outside of Philadelphia and graduated from Pennsbury High School.  Throughout high school I studied Spanish, and since coming to Muhlenberg I have kept on that path.  Languages have always interested me and the Language Learning Center is giving me a great chance to practice and surround myself with them.  My passion, however, and the field I hope to major in is Computer Science.  Being in the lab, flanked by so many computers makes me feel at home and I am excited to continue working here during my college years!   

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