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Dr. Daniel Leisawitz

Lecturer, Italian
Ettinger 101D
Office: 484-664-3349

B.A., Lafayette College
M.A., University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Yale University

Daniel Leisawitz is Lecturer in Italian and Director of the Italian Studies Program.  He teaches Elementary and Intermediate Italian with an interactive, communicative approach that has students speaking Italian from the first day of class.  In addition to language courses, Prof. Leisawitz teaches a growing roster of courses on Italian literature and culture, including Italian Theatre in Translation, The Holocaust in Italian Literature and Film, and Italian Cities in Cinema.  

His areas of expertise include Italian cinema, Italian Renaissance and 20th-century literature, the intersection of technology and the arts, and Jewish-Italian culture.  Prof. Leisawitz also does translation work, focusing on Italian film and media studies.  His latest translation, The Lumiere Galaxy: Seven Key Words for the Cinema to Come, by Prof. Francesco Casetti, was published in March 2015.


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