Live from Russia: Conversation with Nicholas Farmer via Skype

Common Hour Event, Thursday, November 21 at the Language Learning Center

Nick Farmer from Russia

This event is a great opportunity for students to find out more about life in Russia:

What does it feel like to live and study in Russia for a semester? Is it bitterly cold? Are there interesting places to see? Do study abroad students get to travel? Where do they go? Are people friendly? How is the food? Certainly, there are important political and socio-economic issues pertaining to Russia that are of interest to the entire world: How is Russia preparing for the Winter Olympics? What’s Edward Snowden doing in Russia right now? Do the Russian’s know/worry about the recent ban on adoptions of Russian kids by U.S. parents? Why do you think one of the lead NBC Olympics hosts, Bob Costas, would love to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin about the country's so-called "gay propaganda" law? What do common people think about Russia’s role in the Middle East? Listed above, are just sample questions of what one might want to ask about Russia.

Hope to see you all there!

Russian Students in Skype session with Nick Farmer