Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies Major Requirements

The Jewish Studies Major would consist of 9 courses:

All majors must take two semesters of Hebrew, or complete Hebrew 204. Students may be exempted from this requirement on the basis of demonstrated proficiency.

All majors must take both of the following core courses:

REL 229 Jewish Traditions
JST 109 Jewish Experience in a Secular Age

All majors must take at least two courses in the area of Jewish Religion, Literature and Thought:

REL 302 Hebrew Bible
REL 304 New Testament
REL 353 Gender & Sexuality in Judaism
REL 371 Paths in Jewish Thought
REL 377 God, Self, & Other in Judaism & Christianity
PHL 102 Theories of Human Nature
HBW 430 Hebrew Literature in Translation

All majors must take at least two courses in the area of Jewish History, Experience and Culture:

JST 201 American Jewish Life & Culture
JST 203 From Zion to Zionism: A History of Jewish Nationalism
REL 357 The Holocaust: Nazi Germany & the Jews
REL 107 Jews & Christians in the Twenty-first Century
PSC 248/249 Governments & Politics of the Middle East
HST 277/278 Modern Middle Eastern History
HST 369/70 Jewish Latin America and the Caribbean (approved by CC for 2012-2013)
HST 393/394 The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Future offerings in this area may include:

“Jewish Women’s History”
“Jews and Money: Capitalism, Communism and Modern Jewish Experience,”
“The Inquisition”
“Venice, Jews, and Italian Culture”

Senior Capstone seminar

All majors must take the senior seminar and produce a culminating research project during the final semester of the major.

Courses taken abroad, as well as courses taken at the Jewish Theological Seminary during the Spring Semester program, can be counted towards the major, including the Hebrew requirement, with the approval of the program director.