Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies Courses

HBW 204 Intermediate Hebrew II
HBW 430 Hebrew Literature in Translation
HST 369/70 Jewish Latin America and the Caribbean (approved by CC for 2012-2013)
HST 277/78 Modern Middle Eastern History
HST 393/94 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
JST 109 Jewish Experience in a Secular Age
JST 201 American Jewish Life & Culture
JST 203 From Zion to Zionism: A History of Jewish Nationalism
PHL 102 Theories of Human Nature
PSC 248 or 249 Governments & Politics of the Middle East
REL 107 Jews & Christians in the Twenty-first Century
REL 229 Jewish Traditions
REL 302 Hebrew Bible
REL 304 New Testament
REL 306 Jewish Mysticism: Kabbalah
REL 353 Gender & Sexuality in Judaism
REL 357 The Holocaust: Nazi Germany & the Jews
REL 371 Paths in Jewish Thought
REL 377 God, Self, & Other in Judaism & Christianity

Senior Capstone Seminar: All majors must take the senior seminar and produce a culminating research project during the final semester of the major.