History Department


The History Department’s ten faculty cover a wide range of chronological and thematic specializations that span the globe.  Our research and courses focus on America, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East from the Early Modern period until the present day.

Department Staff

Catherine L. Ramella Faculty Secretary
History/Economics and Finance
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Department Faculty

Mark L. Stein

Associate Professor and Chair of History
Ph.D. University of Chicago

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Susan Clemens

Instructor of History
Ph.D. Candidate, Lehigh University

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Thomas Cragin

Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. Indiana University

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Robert Croskey

Professor of History
Ph.D. University of Washington
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Kim Gallon

Assistant Professor of African American Studies and History
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

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John Malsberger Professor of History
Ph.D.Temple University
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Cathy Marie Ouellette

Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D. Emory University

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William J. Tighe

Associate Professor of History
Ph.D. Cambridge University

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Daniel J. Wilson

Professor of History
Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

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Lynda Yankaskas Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D. Brandeis University

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