Global Education


Types of Programs

Third Party Providers

  1. Approved programs that begin with a provider name such as CIEE, SIT, SFS, CET, CGE, Butler, Fairfield University
  2. Generally offer optional group flights and airport pickup
  3. On-site staff for American students abroad
  4. Often excursions are included
  5. Courses are either in a separate facility or are sometimes at a local university
  6. Classes can be with American students or with host country students

Direct Enrollment

  1. Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Israel, Egypt, Otaru University
  2. Except for Israel, there is generally no group flight or airport pickup
  3. Registered as a normal student at the host institution
  4. Staff on site handle all international students, not just Americans
  5. Except for Israel and Egypt, no excursions are included

Independent Programs

  1. AUCP in France and CCCS programs
  2. Small number of only American students