Chemistry Department


Major Reqirements

Required Courses:
BIO 151 Principles of Biology II: Cells & Organisms
BIO 152 Principles of Biology III: Molecules & Cells
CHM 103 General Chemistry I
CHM 104 General Chemistry II
MTH 121 Calculus I
MTH 122 Calculus II OR
MTH 144 Introduction to Statistical Analysis
PHY 211 General Physics I
PHY 212 General Physics II

Also needed

  • Four courses numbered 200 or greater in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematical sciences that focus on the student's studies. Two courses in each of two departments.
  • Two courses numbers 300 or greater that continue the study in one or both of the selected departments.

Students may sharpen their focus by completing additional courses in the sciences. Students seeking careers in the health professions should continue their focus in biology and chemistry. Biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, cell biology, metabolism, immunology, and organic chemistry are among the suggested courses.